52°North Web Geoprocessing Service

The 52°North WPS is an open source implementation of the OGC Web Geoprocessing Service and the most prominent project of the community. For information about development branches see 52nWpsBranches.


This implementation was originally build for the research inside the ITC Generalization group but was by now extended immensely and is used in many research projects and productional settings, also without 52°North direct participation. The focus of this implementation was to build up a extensible framework to provide algorithms for generalization on the web.

The original research was inspired by the work of the group of Moritz Neun at the University of Zurich, who presented an XML-RPC based architecture for generalization. According to the current development of the OGC in setting up a standardized Web Geoprocessing Service (WPS), this was the signal for the group to make some experiments on it. The results of this experiment are presented below and are hosted at 52°North.

To avoid some redundancy of words, the specification of the WPS will not be introduced in detail on this site. So please refer to the current document of the OGC. The implementation is based on the current document of the OGC with the release name: 05-007r7 .

To get an overview about the architecture of the implementation, please have a look at the architecture section.

ALERT! The main source of information for the stable release is the website on the 52°North main portal about 52°North WPS.

The documentation for the WPS according specification version 0.4.0 is still available in the history of the wiki under: https://wiki.52north.org/bin/view/Geoprocessing/52nWebProcessingService?rev=51.


Geoprocessing Backends

Input and Output

Experimental Developments and Branches




Help and Support

See how to get involved in the community: http://52north.org/communities/geoprocessing/get-involved.html

Further resources:


If there are any problems or any other comments, please feel free to write an email to the Geoprocessing working group mailing list or to Benjamin Pross.

Further Documentation

Extending the service

Please refer to these tutorials.

Using the WPS client API

Please refer to this tutorial.


The most current version of the WPS is available on Github: https://github.com/52North/WPS.

The SVN is also still used and contains clients and XMLBeans projects: https://svn.52north.org/cgi-bin/viewvc.cgi/?root=geoprocessing

The current stable version can be found in the downloads section: http://52north.org/communities/geoprocessing/wps/download.html.

Demo WPS instances

Demo server 1

Structures and Procedures

Please visit this page (ALERT!under construction)

Current developments

New Configuration API

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