52°North WPS FAQ

uDig does not show any processes

  1. Tomcat is started
  2. port (8080) is correct
  3. port is open
  4. webapp name (wps) is valid
  5. .war file is renamed to wps.war
  6. check firewalls

WPS and Jetty

(Thanks to Thorsten Reitz)

The mechanisms for getting resources like wps_config.xml has to be changed. Essentially two classes are needed, one being the Jetty Starter, another one being an extension of the WPS itself, where the init(ServletConfig) method is overriden to look like this:

public void init(ServletConfig config) throws ServletException 
                       try {
                                WPSConfig.forceInitialization(config.getServletContext().getRealPath("") + "/WEB-INF/config/wps_config.xml");
                       } catch (XmlException e) {
                               throw new ServletException(e);
                       } catch (IOException e) {
                               throw new ServletException(e);

of course, your web.xml has to point to your extension servlet, and you might have to change some of the parameters in the Jetty starter.

The ResponseDocument says "Process successful", but the ProcessOutputs are empty

Make sure, you do not have blanks in the path of your servlet container or the WPS webapp name.

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