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52°North WPS Structures and Procedures

Project Structures

New structures have yet to be defined. At the moment there are more or less only developers and users. Developers must sign a CLA in order to contribute. There are more privilegded developers that can authorize (merge) pull requests on GitHub (see section Git Procedures. Every developer who has signed a CLA and has shown commitment to the project can get those priviledges.

Git Procedures

We are currently following the Git Fork & Pull Model. This enables code reviews and discussion for every (major) pull request. Everybody is encouraged to fork the WPS. However, if you want to contribute your fixes/ new features back to the canonical repository, you will need to have signed the 52°North Contributors License Agreement (CLA). If you have signed the CLA and submitted a pull request, it will be discussed on GitHub. The decision to approve a pull request is currently based on common sense and test results of the most active developers.

You can find a list of developers eligible of approving pull requests for the WPS on the 52°North GitHub teams page. Discussions of the team take place on the developers list or in the comments of the issues / pull request on GitHub themself.

In the future we plan to initiate a Project Steering- or Technical Commitee or to decide whether to accept pull requests.

SVN Procedures

Please note: Access to most parts of he SVN is currently restricted.

There is still some code maintained in the 52°North SVN. If you need commit rights for the SVN, you will need a 52°North account and ask the Community lead for access to your desired repository. There is no formal procedure for committing code to the SVN.

IRC Meetings

We introduced weekly public IRC meetings starting November 18, 2013. The purpose of these meeting sis to create and maintain a WPS development roadmap in a transparent way. Everybody is welcome though the meetings are primarily addressing WPS developers.

You can find the logs here:


Nov-25-2013 - no meeting


Dec-09-2013 - no meeting

Dec-16-2013 - no meeting

Dec-23-2013 - Christmas break

Dec-30-2013 - Christmas/New Years break



Jan-20-2014 - no meeting

Jan-27-2014 - no meeting

Feb-03-2014 - freenode was DoS'd, meeting postponed to Friday


Feb-10-2014 - no meeting

Feb-17-2014 - no meeting

Feb-24-2014 - no meeting

Mar-03-2014 - no meeting

Mar-10-2014 - no meeting


Mar-24-2014 - no meeting

Mar-31-2014 - no meeting

Apr-07-2014 - no meeting

Apr-14-2014 - no meeting

Apr-21-2014 - Easter break

Apr-28-2014 - no meeting

Mai-05-2014 - no meeting

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