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[16:58] * Set by daniel_52n!~Daniel@ on Mon Nov 18 18:06:46 CET 2013
[17:01] <benjamin_52n> so, i extended the trello board a bit
[17:02] <benjamin_52n> i think now it makes more sense than before
[17:04] <isuftin-CIDA> Yep I do like it. Each lane being a story and easily distinguishable by color
[17:04] <isuftin-CIDA> do you have a color legen somewhere?
[17:04] <isuftin-CIDA> legend
[17:05] <benjamin_52n> hmm, i think you can only see it, if you click on card actions -> labels
[17:06] <isuftin-CIDA> Yep thats what it looks like. That should be fine
[17:07] <benjamin_52n> seems to be limited to six colors...
[17:08] <isuftin-CIDA> ..
[17:08] <isuftin-CIDA> It is. We haven't seemed to have hit up against that limitation yet. I don't know if you will
[17:10] <benjamin_52n> we'll see :)
[17:11] <benjamin_52n> i am wondering about how detailed the cards should get. i am thinking about adding a card "create WPS module for job queuing ui"
[17:13] <isuftin-CIDA> So i would say that as long as you can break down a task into more detailed tasks, you can make more cards. however, if within a task you have requirements that you need to hit for that task, make a checklist on the card
[17:14] <isuftin-CIDA> So for instance, on the "create WPS module for job queueing ui", if you can't break that down further into bite-sized chunks of work, make a checklist for that card as to what that UI should container and function like
[17:15] <benjamin_52n> that sounds reasonable
[17:17] <benjamin_52n> i think, i need to play around with trello more :)
[17:18] <isuftin-CIDA> I think it's very easy to get the hang of it once development begins and people are also using it
[17:18] <benjamin_52n> right
[17:19] <benjamin_52n> yes, so christian autermann will integrate the admin interface that was developed during last years google summer of code
[17:20] <isuftin-CIDA> Do you expect that to be a fairly simple merge?
[17:20] <benjamin_52n> this will be a good exercise in working with trello together with github
[17:20] <benjamin_52n> no, i'm afraid not
[17:21] <benjamin_52n> i mean mergig the code will be easy, but there will bo some work modifying the WPS to work with the new interface
[17:22] <benjamin_52n> but, i have full confidence in christian :)
[17:24] <isuftin-CIDA> I think it would be a good start to have one other person mucking around in Trello - it should come naturally pretty quickly
[17:27] <benjamin_52n> right
[17:28] <benjamin_52n> another news is that i made the dynamic port allocation for the wps integration tests work just today
[17:29] <isuftin-CIDA> Oh was that not working? I thought we had gotten it to work previously?
[17:30] <benjamin_52n> i think the plugin was executed twice and so the jetty port was a different one than the one in the wps_config
[17:30] <benjamin_52n> thats why some tests failed with the dynamic port allocation
[17:31] <benjamin_52n> i just moved the plugin execution to the pre-integration-test phase
[17:32] <benjamin_52n> now it only runs once
[17:32] <isuftin-CIDA> ah excellent. Have you checked that in? I will probably want to grab that config for our projects as well.
[17:33] <benjamin_52n> i will make a pull request later today
[17:33] <benjamin_52n> i will also enable this in the travis ci
[17:34] <isuftin-CIDA> so how do you feel about travis?
[17:35] <benjamin_52n> well, i think it is somewhat useful
[17:36] <isuftin-CIDA> What do you mainly use it for?
[17:37] <benjamin_52n> i would say, for us it is just an additional automated test
[17:37] <benjamin_52n> though it doesn't detect everything
[17:38] <isuftin-CIDA> I forget, is your Jenkins public?
[17:38] <benjamin_52n> yes, it is public
[17:38] <benjamin_52n> http://build.dev.52north.org/jenkins
[17:39] <benjamin_52n> you can login with your 52n account
[17:39] <isuftin-CIDA> Whoa
[17:39] <isuftin-CIDA> thats a LOT of jobs :)
[17:39] <benjamin_52n> yeah, we have many projects, i guess :)
[17:41] <isuftin-CIDA> Do you know if there's any work for creating Amazon AWS connectors for things like S3 within your app stack?
[17:43] <benjamin_52n> i don't know of anything tangible
[17:44] <benjamin_52n> i have something like this in mind for the wps, but there has not much happened yet
[17:46] <isuftin-CIDA> Ok. We are expanding out onto Amazon so this might be something that may come in handy soon. Something like using an S3 bucket for a file repository
[17:46] <isuftin-CIDA> if given time and a project requires that, we may wire it up and commit back
[17:47] <benjamin_52n> that would be great
[17:52] <isuftin-CIDA> I have to go to another meeting now but it was good talking to you again. Let me know next week how the Trello progress is coming!
[17:53] <benjamin_52n> ok, thanks for joining, talk to you next week!
[17:54] <isuftin-CIDA> see ya!
[17:54] * isuftin-CIDA (isuftin@ has left #52north

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