Incubator / svn

The project is available on the 52°North Sensor Web SVN in the incubation area.

Checkout with Eclipse

Your can check out the project from svn:

Repository Path /svn/swe/incubation/SensorWorld/SensorWorld_v2008
Connection type extssh
Use default port

You have to configure the build path (right click on project -> build path), source and libraries tabs

svn structure

  • VirtualCommunicationLayer
    • /src
      • /org.n52.sensorworld.vcl* - main package
      • /org.n52.sensorwordl.test* - (unit-) tests
    • /test - e.g. build files for test runs
    • /test/log - logging files for testing purposes
    • /test/persisten* - folder for mantaray persistent data storage, has to be changed if sys
    • /config - xml or properties files for configuration
    • /docs - for all documents about Sensor World
      • /docs/uml - for Enterprise Architect and bitmap UML diagrams
      • /docs/javadoc - for javadoc
    • /lib - for all necessary libraries, .jars directly in this folder, readme.txt with info, which component needs which jar

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