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Phenomenon Simulation

The phenomenon simulation has the task to simulate a phenomenon the sensor network is working on. To make measurement in the system possible different kinds of phenomenons can be simulated just as dispersion/spreading and provide these values as offerings to be measured by sensors.

Phenomenon Algorithm

At the moment the phenomenon is based on a multi phenomenon composed of multiple single phenomenon layers, which change their sizes and dummy values calculated by a number of parameters. By defining the speed value of the single phenomenons they move in the scope of the bounding box.

Phenomenon Design

The phenomenon simulation provides an interface that allows sensors to execute measurements. To implement a phenomenon simulation the Abstract Phenomenon Simulation Class is used which provides connection to the messaging layer and offers the do Measurement method which has to be overrided just like the get Raster Snapshot method, which is important for the VisualizationComponent.

The do Measurement method receives as a parameter a Meausurement Request Message which contains information about the position of the sensor, the geometry to be measured (point/area) and the phenomena the sensor is able to detect. Based on these information the do Measurement returns the phenomenon value (temperature,concentration,...) at a certain position encapsulated in a Measurement Response Message.

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