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List of Services

This list shall contain publically available SOS instances, 52°North implementation or not, for references, examples, testing, and so forth.
There is also a section with 52°North implementations which are not publically available.

52°North Community SOSs

Demo SOS by 52°North

Latest development (limited test data):


External Servers Using 52°North Implementations

Other Lists

Not publically available 52°North SOS

Potential Data Sources


The Sensor Web develops only slowly. It is overtaken by open data and open government initiatives that publish environmental data using text-files or proprietary APIs. If 52°North wants the products around the SOS, i.e. service implementations and clients, to thrieve then there must be more appealing examples of their power. This should particularly involve comprehensive analyses with data based on SOS services. Research based on SOSs rather than research around SOS is required to show the full potential. This could for example be driven by supporting theses in landscape ecology, biology or geography to put the data they collect in a SOS, and by promoting the idea of open data and reproducible research.

Successful similar examples is Geofabrik, who provides OpenStreetMap shapefiles freely but also offers professional services around OSM.


Once a month/every quarter, SOS developers and users of the SOS from 52°North meet on a Friday. They take the whole day to find an interesting dataset and upload it to (a new or existing) Sensor Observation Service instance. This includes a discussion of the best data model for the data and the implementation of a flexible feeder, either as a one time feed or as a servlet continously uploading data.

  • Continous testing of the current development version
  • Testing with large amounts of data
  • Development of many best practices, including data models, for different kinds of data
  • Extension of a transactional feeder framework, potentially very useful for the community.
    • Idea: (Online) feeder framework where even rather unexperienced users can upload textfiles or Excel files and, using a wizard, can create sensor desriptions (Felix's thesis) and a data model, and can eventually schedule the feeding itself.
  • More SOS instances are more good examples
  • Interesting data provided by 52°North might external people get hooked on the features and potential of the Sensor Web
  • Test cases for other services like SIR
  • Data for teaching, e.g. basic geostatistics courses, will eventually spread SWE terms and concepts among students
  • Increased visibility of 52°North among scientific community
  • Possibly even developing tools and services to manage SOSs, as no one has ever deployed and maintained (mid-term to long-term) a bunch of 52N SOS instances before, e.g. installer, service backend.
CONs and costs:
  • Investment of work time for installation and running of the services
  • Investment in server hardware
This "hacking friday" could also be extended to other projects, include a regular "Java clinic" et cetera.

Potential Datasets


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