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The 52°North IT-Team.

Welcome to the Geostatistics web


See for an extensive project list. This page gives an overview of projects with contents in this wiki only and is not a comprehensive list.

Projects with pages in the TWiki:

  • GeoViQua - QUAlity aware VIsualisation for the Global Earth Observation system of systems, a project funded by the European 7 Framework Program.

Software Projects

See for an extensive software project list.

This page gives an overview of contents in this TWiki (in alphabetical order):

Software Projects with pages in the TWiki:

  • cosm2sos - A web service for transferring Cosm feeds to a SOS.
  • Greenland - A viewer for geospatial data based on OpenLayers.
  • Malta - A viewer for extreme events databases based on OpenLayers
  • GeoAR - Augmented reality and map browser for geospatial data for Android OS.
  • sos4R - The developer documentation for sos4R - an R extension acting as a client for the OGC Sensor Observation Service.
  • UVS - The Uncertainty Visualisation Selector supports people to decide about the best quality visualisation for their data.
  • WMSQServerFacade - A proxy server to annotate the capabilities document of any WMS server with keywords according to the WMS-Q
  • WPS4R - An extension for the 52°North Processing.WPS that allows executing R code.specification.
  • PostTIME - PostgreSQL extension for temporal dimension.


See the community DemoServer for hands-on showcases of our software projects.

Source Code

All our open source code is available via SVN (, but also on R-Forge e.g. or on GitHub (

Deprecated or discontinued projects can be found in the Geostatistics Community Attic.

More Resources

Geostatistics Web Utilities

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