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CITE Test Plugin

The CITE Test Plugin was developed for OWS-9 CITE testing.

sps_sensor.png For CITE testing a simulation plugin shall provide a logical component to test the SPS and to show how it works without the need to have a real hardware sensor. The CITE test sensor plugin was already used in OWS-5 (testing the 52°North SPS 1.0.0 reference implementation) and is described conceptually on the CITE test plugin description site.

Implementation Design

The following UML diagram describes how the plugin implementation is linked into the SPS 2.0 and which interfaces are implemented and which services are used. Refer to SpsV20DesignDocumentation which describes how the SPS' integration points are interrelated within the SPS framework.


A SensorPlugin instance is created by a dedicated SensorInstanceFactory. This is done auto-magically by means of Java's ServiceLoader requiring the implementation package providing instantiation metadata within the jar's META-INF directory. Get more details at the HowToDevelopSpsPlugins description site.

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