Setting Up SOS as Dynamic Web project in eclipse

  • Import project from SVN using New Project from SVN
  • Use as repository path and 'anonymous' as username. Leave password blank.
  • Select current project using path main/sos/service/trunk/sos; click 'Next'
  • Select 'Check out as project using the New Project Wizard'; click 'Finished'
  • Select as project 'Web' and then 'Dynamic Web Project'; click 'Next'
  • Choose a project name and set target runtime on your local Apache Server;if no server is defined, create a new server; click 'Next'
  • Do not change anything; click 'next'
  • change 'Content Directory' to 'web'; Deselect 'Create Deployment Descriptor'; click 'Finish'
  • copy and paste the '' to '' in the 'conf' directory
  • adjust the
  • run the ant-script 'build4WTP.xml' in the 'conf' directory
  • right click on the rootelement of the project in the 'Package Explorer' and select 'Run As' and than 'Run On Server'
  • select the server the SOS should be deployed on and select 'always use...'
  • click 'Finish' and now the deployment on the server should start and the Testclient should open

Installing Web Tools Platform

  • The plugin can be installed over the Updatemanager of the eclipse IDE
  • Select 'Help','Software Upadtes' and than 'Find and Install'
  • Select 'Search for new Features to Install' and click 'Next'
  • click the checkbox of the 'European Discovery Site' and click 'Finish'
  • After the seach has finshed expand the 'European Discovery Site' item and select 'Web and JEE Development' and than 'select required'
  • click 'Next'
  • accept the License Agreement and click 'Next'
  • click 'Next' once again and than 'Finish'


  • I start my Tomcat out of eclipse but if I go to http://localhost:8080 I recieve a 404 from the Tomcat. Why didn't I get the startpage?
  • The Deploy Path is not set currectly. Open the Server View in the eclipse. Right click on the server and select 'Open'. Adjust the Deploy Task to the wepapps directory in your Tomcat directory. (The configfile may be write protected if the server is running)

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