Mobile Sensors in SOS 2.0

For previous attempts to model mobile data for SOS 1.0 please see


The SOS specification does not come with a fixed set-up to model mobile sensors, i.e. sensors that observe different locations in-situ. That means that the location ob an observation changes and therefore becomes an observed property rather than a property of a procedure.

After several questions on the mailing list we suggest to use this wiki page to collect ideas how to model mobile observations.

Later on this page should be extended with (references to) practical examples of how mobile sensors were modelled in an SOS 2.0 so that future questions can profit from the experiences.

Ultimately, the goal is to define an SOS profile for mobile observations based on the practical experiences made with the 52°North SOS by the community members.

Some example scenarios are as follows:
  • UAVs measuring air pollution (e.g. in disaster response)
  • A vessel on the ocean follows a specific route
  • A vessel operates for several months in a specific area.
  • An air quality observation station in a certain city is deployed on a different street for one year, so it changes position in large intervals
  • Animal tracking where both the location and measured properties such as heart rate are of interest (or any tracking for that matter!)
  • ...


Geometry Observations

General Idea: ...

Required conformance classes:
  • ...

Location as an observed property


Sensor Description

using validTime several sensor descriptions can be accessed with DescribeSensor

Example Use Cases





Research Vessel


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