AXIS213PTZ Network Camera plugin


This site describes the plugin for an AXIS(tm) PTZ camera. The plugin was developed to run within a 52°North SensorPlanningService (SPS).


The AXIS(tm) PTZ camera is a network camera which allows users to control the pan/tilt/zoom functions of the camera remotly over the network.

Use Case

The camera is taskable via normal SPS requests. The live camera stream can be retrieved by sending a GetResultAccessRequest to the SPS. Besides the normal Pan/Tilt/Zoom functions, a direct switch to a namely preset position is possible. Using SweCommon parameters, within a RegisterDocument each camera can be initialized with certain constraints for each parameter (e.g. illegal angles which are not allowed to be viewed maybe because of privacy issues).

Taskable Parameters

All parameters are SweCommon types (version 1.0). All constraints can be set within the sensors configuration file.

Name Use (optional or required) Updateable (true or false) Type UOM (if applicable) Constraint(s) Description
pan optional true swe:Quantity degree set by InputDescriptor Pans the device relative to the (0,0) position.
tilt optional true swe:Quantity degree set by InputDescriptor Tilts the device relative to the (0,0) position.
zoom optional true swe:Count none set by InputDescriptor Zooms the device n steps.
speed optional true swe:Count none none Sets the head speed of the device that is connected to the specified camera.
gotoserverpresetname optional true swe:Category none set by InputDescriptor Move to the position associated with one of the given values.

Sensor Behavior



The complete project could be downloaded via checkout from 52North SVN. Get the plugin as eclipse project by typing

  svn co

or browse the SVN directly by pointing your browser to the address above.

To retrieve the SPS lib dependencies, checkout the SPS project from SVN, or build a webapp/eclipse project from the SPS distribution.

-- HenningBredel - 23 May 2008
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