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Publish Software on GitHub

A new repository

For a project to become part of the 52°North managed code base, all contributors must have signed a contributors license agreement (CLA), see If this is not the case, please take a look at the CLA guidelines and get in touch with your community leader.

To become truly a 52°North project, we require the "main" repository on GitHub to be part of the 52°North GitHub organisation and forks be made from that repository, not the other way around. Therefore a 52°North GitHub admin must create the repositoy. The following steps are required:

  • 52N Admin
    • Create a new repository
    • Add it to the applicable GitHub teams(s), which is the Contributors Team at least.
    • Check if users working on the project with a signed CLA are in the Contributors Team.
  • Add (if not already there) license information and license management, see BestPracticeLicenseManagementInSoftwareProjects
  • Now there are two ways to proceed:
    • The contributor should not have push rights: create a fork of the repository, copy your source code into the emtpy repo, push your changes to your fork and start a pull request.
    • The contributor can have push rights: push you code directly to the new repository.

An existing GitHub repository

See Transfer a GitHub repository.

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