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mGstat 0.81

Below is the detail information:

DEVELOPED 2004-2007
AUTHOR Thomas Mejer Hansen

PLATFORM PCs running matlab (Release 13>)
PURPOSE mGstat is a geostatistical Matlab toolbox. Both native functions and links to GSLIB and GSTAT functions
FUNCTIONS It contains three parts :

+ Native ND-kriging (multidimensional) algorithms [simple, ordinary, kriging with a trend] and tools for inferring the semivariogram. These are intended for teaching purposes.

+ GSTAT interface
An interface to call GSTAT form within MATLAB

+ VISIM interface
An interface for VISIM; a GSLIB based F77 program for sequential Gaussian and direct simulation with histrogram reproduction, conditioned to noise data of mixed support. This enables eficicent solutions of linear inverse problems using sequential simulation.

The Matlab toolbox allows efficient conditional simulation through error simulation, using the VISIM interface.
CODES Matlab codes available
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