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BMElib 2.0

Below is the detail information:

DEVELOPED 2001-2005
AUTHOR George Christakos and Marc Serre
University of North Carolina

Patrick Bogaert
Université Catholique de Louvain

PURPOSE Space/time geostatistics, Bayesian Maximum Entropy
FUNCTIONS + general statistics (histograms, probability plots)
+ variogram and cross variogram calculations in space/time (any spatial dimension)

+ BME using probabilistic and hard data
+ BME using interval and hard data
+ BME using hard data only (simple kriging)
+ BME using probabilistic and hard data with a trend model
+ BME using interval and hard data with a trend model
+ BME using hard data with a trend model (ordinary kriging and kriging with trend)
+ all estimation can use vector fields (e.g. cokriging) and be in the space/time domain
+ all estimation can be with transformation to handle non-Gaussian data
+ LU simulation
+ sequential gaussian simulation
CODES Matlab codes available on request.
TIP BMElib implements space/time estimation using the Bayesian Maximum Entropy (BME) theory. BME is a very general framework, which leads to the well known kriging algorithms (simple, ordinary, with mean trend model) as a special case under some limiting conditions (when unsing only hard data, etc.), but provides a more comprehensive model when using both hard AND soft data (as well as many other sorts of knowledge bases).
HOMEPAGE Download is available from with the permission from the authors.
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