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Spatial Interpolation Comparison exercise 1997

Mapping daily rainfall/wet deposited radioactivity in the environment

The journal of Geographic Information and Decision Analysis (GIDA) published the accepted papers in a special issue (Vol. 2, No. 2). See - link is broken, will be checked soon

A hardcopy version has been published in 2003 as a European Report and includes selected papers published online as well as unpublished material written by invited authors.

Hardcopies of the report (if still available) can be obtained from the publication office of the European Commission.

Reference: Mapping radioactivity in the environment. Spatial Interpolation Comparison 1997. EUR 20667 EN, EC, Dubois G., Malczewski J. and De Cort M. (Eds.), Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, Luxembourg, 268 p., May 2003.

An electronic version of the report can be downloaded (compressed PDF file) at the bottom of this page.

Reviewers and Editorial Committee

  • Graeme Archer, Department of Statistical Sciences, SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals, Essex, United Kingdom
  • Michel de Bollivier, Neuristique S. A., Paris, France
  • Gregoire Dubois, Institute of Mineralogy and Petrography, University of Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Donald E. Myers, Department of Mathematics, University of Arizona, USA
  • Jorgen Pilz, Institute of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Klagenfurt, Austria
  • Yvan Pannatier, Shell Int. Exploration and Production B.V., Research and Technical Services, The Netherlands
  • Mohan R. Srivastava, FSS Canada, Canada
  • Syed Abdul Rahman Shibli, Landmark Graphics, Malaysia
  • Hans Wackernagel, Centre de G?ostatistique, Ecole des Mines de Paris, Fontainebleau, France

Contents of EUR 20667 EN

Title: Mapping radioactivity in the environment - Spatial Interpolation Comparison 97

Editors: G. Dubois, J. Malczewski, M. De Cort

Year of publication: May 2003

Pages: 268

Reference: EUR 20667 EN

Publisher: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, Luxembourg

ISBN: 92 894-5371-0

List of contributions
  • Introduction (contributions unpublished in GIDA)
  • Bossew P. Radiological mapping : Chernobyl experiences in Austria and emergency response. pp. 3-20
  • Dubois G. and Bossew P. Spatial analysis of 137Cs in the environment: an overview on the current experience. pp. 21-36

Contributions to SIC97 (published in GIDA)
  • Dubois G. Spatial Interpolation Comparison 97. Introduction, and description of the data set. pp. 39-44
  • Genton M. G. and Furrer R. Analysis of rainfall data by simple good sense: is spatial statistics worth the trouble? pp. 45-50
  • Tomczak M. Spatial interpolation and its uncertainty using automated anisotropic Inverse Distance Weighing (IDW) - Cross-validation/Jackknife approach. pp. 51-62
  • Thieken A. H. Estimating daily regional rainfall fields by multiquadratic functions: accuracy of interpolation and decision making. pp. 63-77
  • Hutchinson. M. F. Interpolation of rainfall data with thin plate smoothing splines: I. Two dimensional smoothing of data with short range correlation. pp. 78-92.
  • Hutchinson. M. F. Interpolation of rainfall rata with thin plate smoothing splines: II. Analysis of topographic dependence. pp. 93-106
  • Wendelberger J. G. The estimation of rainfall distribution for emergency response to Chernobyl type incidents utilizing multidimensional smoothing splines. pp. 107-117
  • Genton M. G. and Furrer R. Analysis of rainfall data by robust spatial statistics using S+ SpatialStats. pp.118-129.
  • Raty L. and Gilbert M. Large-scale versus small-scale variation decomposition, followed by kriging based on a relative variogram, in presence of a non-stationary residual variance. pp. 130-150.
  • Atkinson P. M. and Lloyd C. D. Mapping precipitation in Switzerland with ordinary and indicator kriging. pp. 151-162.
  • Allard D. Geostatistical classification and class kriging. pp.163-175.
  • Demyanov V., Kanevski M., Chernov S., Savelieva E. and Timonin V. Neural network residual kriging application for climatic data. pp. 176-191
  • Lee Y. M. A methodological study of the application of the maximum entropy estimator to spatial interpolation. pp. 192-200.
  • Huang Y., Wong P. M. and Gedeon T. Spatial interpolation on overlapping partition surfaces using an optimised dynamic fuzzy-reasoning-based function estimator. pp. 192-200.

Invited papers and overview of results (contributions unpublished in GIDA)
  • Wong K.W., Wong P.M., Gedeon T.D. and Fung C.C. Rainfall prediction using neural fuzzy technique. pp. 213-221.
  • Gilardi N. and Bengio S. Comparison of four machine learning algorithms for spatial data analysis. pp. 222-237.
  • Pilz J. Bayesian spatial prediction using the Matérn class of covariance functions. pp. 238-252.
  • Dubois G. and Shibli S. A. R. Monitoring of environmental radioactivity: automatic mapping or expert-dependant systems? pp. 253-268.

Download EUR 20667 EC & File descriptions

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