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Date Paper Title
2002 Mar 12 Spatial correlation analysis of nitrogen dioxide concentrations in the area of Milan, Italy
2006 Jan 18 (PhD) Design and analysis of environmental monitoring programs
2004 Sep 14 New challenges for predictive soil mapping
2003 May 13 (PhD) Spatial prediction of soil properties: the Bayesian Maximum Entropy approach
1998 Oct 17 Scale and the spatial structure of landform: optimising sampling strategies with geostatistics
2002 Oct 31 (PhD) Machine learning algorithms for spatial data analysis
1994 Oct 02 Geostatistics and the polygonal-method: a re-examination
1999 Jul 25 Investigating the Spatial Variation of Radon in Soil Geostatistically
1999 Jul 25 Geologically-Constrained Probabilistic Mapping of Gold Potential, Baguio District, Philippines
1999 Jul 25 Designing optimal sampling configurations with ordinary and indicator kriging
1999 Jul 25 Parameter Estimation in Neural Spatial Interaction Modelling by a Derivative Free Global Optimization Method
1999 Jul 25 Neural Network Classifiers for GIS Data: Improved Search Strategies
1999 Jul 25 Failure Prediction in Automatically Generated Digital Elevation Models
1999 Jul 25 Performance Comparison of Geostatistical Algorithms for Incorporating Elevation into the Mapping of Precipitation
1999 Jul 25 Measuring accessibility using GIS
1999 Jul 05 What's the point? Interpolation and extrapolation with a regular grid DEM
1999 Jul 25 Spatially assessing model error using geographically weighted regression
1999 Jul 25 Multiresolution spatial analysis
1999 Jul 25 Estimating a Non-Stationary Spatial Structure Using Simulated Annealing
1999 Jul 25 An Improved Algorithm for Calculating the Perimeter and Area of Raster Polygons
1999 Jul 25 An optimized cellular automata approach for sustainable urban development in rapidly urbanizing regions
1998 May 01 Spatial Interpolation Using Fuzzy Reasoning and Genetic Algorithms
1998 May 01 Nonparametric Spatial Rainfall Characterization Using Adaptive Kernel Estimator
1998 May 01 Geostatistical Classification and Class Kriging
1998 May 01 Mapping Precipitation in Switzerland with Ordinary and Indicator Kriging
1998 May 01 Neural Network Residual Kriging Application For Climatic Data
1998 May 01 Rainfall Estimation from Sparse Data with Fuzzy B-Splines
1998 May 01 Estimating Daily Regional Rainfall Fields by Multiquadratic Functions: Accuracy of Interpolation and Decision Making
1998 May 01 Interpolation of Rainfall Data with Thin Plate Smoothing Splines: I Two Dimensional Smoothing of Data with Short Range Correlation
1998 May 01 Interpolation of Rainfall Data with Thin Plate Smoothing Splines: II Analysis of Topographic Dependence
1998 May 01 Large-scale Versus Small-scale Variation Decomposition, Followed by Kriging Based on a Relative Variogram, in Presence of a Non-stationary Residual Variance
1998 May 01 Spatial Interpolation and its Uncertainty Using Automated Anisotropic Inverse Distance Weighting (IDW) - Cross-Validation/Jackknife Approach
1998 May 01 Modeling of the Daily Rainfall Values Using Surface Under Tension and Kriging
1998 May 01 Rainfall Prediction using Artificial Neural Networks
1998 May 01 A Methodological Study of the Application of the Maximum Entropy Estimator to Spatial Interpolation
1998 May 01 The Estimation of Rainfall Distribution for Emergency Response to Chernobyl Type Incidents Utilizing Multidimensional Smoothing Splines
1998 May 01 Analysis of Rainfall Data by Robust Spatial Statistics using S+ SPATIALSTATS
2002 May 10 Bridging the Gap Between GIS and Solid Spatial Statistics
2000 Aug 23 AUTOCLUST: Automatic clustering via boundary extraction for mining massive point-data sets
2000 Aug 23 An inductive attack on spatial scale
2000 Aug 23 Multi-scale approach to measuring residential segregation and the case of Yaffo, Tel-Aviv
2000 Aug 23 Density Data Generation for Spatial Data Mining Applications
2000 Dec 23 An evaluation of the accuracy of the areal interpolation of data for the analysis of long-term change in England and Wales
2000 Aug 23 A semi-automatic method to build territorial partitions
2000 Aug 23 Using Genetic Algorithms in Clustering Problems
2001 Sep 24 The Effect of Spatial Generalisation on Filtering Noise for Spatio-temporal Analysis
2001 Sep 24 Raster Representations Of Spatial Attributes With Uncertainty Assessment Using Nonlinear Stochastic Simulation
2001 Sep 24 A Spatially Explicit Population Viability Model using GIS
2003 Sep 08 Assessing Accuracy of Land-Cover Change Data Aggregated to a Fixed Spatial Support
2003 Sep 08 Variable Resolution Spatial Interpolation Using the Simple Recursive Point Voronoi Diagram
2003 Sep 08 Sequential, Sparse Learning in Gaussian Processes
2003 Sep 08 Spatio-temporal difference in model outputs and parameter space as determined by calibration extent
2003 Sep 08 Assessment of the Production and Economic Risks of Site-specific Liming using Geostatistical Uncertainty Modelling
2003 Sep 08 Geostatistical Prediction/Simulation of Point Values From Areal Data
2003 Sep 08 Uncovering Spatial Feedbacks At Alpine Treeline Using Spatial Metrics In Evolutionary Simulations
2003 Sep 08 Surface Networks: Extension of the Topology and Extraction from Bilinear Surface Patches
2005 Jul 01 Support Vector Regression for Automated Robust Spatial Mapping of Natural Radioactivity
2005 Jul 01 Investigation of Two Neural Network Methods in an Automatic Mapping Exercise
2005 Jul 01 Spatial Prediction of Radioactivity using General Regression Neural Network
2005 Jul 01 Spatial Interpolation of Natural Radiation Levels with Prior Information using Back-propagation Artificial Neural Networks
2005 Jul 01 Automated Mapping using Multilevel B-Splines
2005 Jul 01 Interpolation of Radioactivity Data Using Regularized Spline with Tension
2005 Jul 01 Fast Spatial Interpolation using Sparse Gaussian Processes
2005 Jul 01 Bayesian Automating Fitting Functions for Spatial Predictions
2005 Jul 01 Automatic Mapping of Monitoring Data
2005 Jul 01 Automatic Mapping in the Presence of Substitutive Errors
2005 Jul 01 Mapping Radioactivity from Monitoring Data. Automating the Classical Geostatistical Approach
2005 Jul 01 Using Ordinary Kriging to Model Radioactive Contamination Data
2005 Jul 01 Introduction to the Spatial Interpolation Comparison (SIC) - 2004 Exercise and Presentation of the Datasets
2004 Sep 01 Some Theory for the Analysis of Random Fields - With Applications to Geostatistics. (MSc Thesis)
2007 Oct 29 A pilot project to determine the best available correction methods for NEXRAD radar rainfall data sets
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