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The 52°North IT-Team.


Triturus is a package of Java classes that offer basic functionality to model objects in 3-D space and to set-up simple 3-D scene descriptions.

Basic functionality

  • Basic feature geometries (3-D point sets, line-strings, elevation grids, TINs etc.)
  • Gridding algorithms for scattered data points
  • Readers for various data formats (e.g., XYZ files and Arc/Info ASCII grids)
  • Simple file export (e.g., ASCII files, VRML scene descriptions)
  • Generation of simple POV-Ray scene descriptions
  • Cross-section generation for elevation grid models

How can I get the library?

You can check out the Java source code from this 52°North Subversion Repository:

An anonymous check-out is supported! (Note that a 52°North account is required if you want to contribute code.)

Triturus Concept

The concept of the 52N Triturus framework is described in a white paper, which can be found here.

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