Open Sensor Search

Open Sensor Search (OSS) is a platform for discovery of in-situ sensor data. It spans across large scale networks based on heavyweight OGC Sensor Web standards and protocols (SensorObservationService, SensorML, ...) and grassroots platforms and the internet of things (IoT) with a modular and open architecture. Open Sensor Search is based on the SensorInstanceRegistry and can be seen as its next version.

Source Code


  • Make sensor data discovery easy for users
    • Not as complicated as CSW
    • Not as simple as Google (though almost)
    • Tailored to time series discovery
    • Tailored to sensor web websites and data models (SensorML)
  • Make sensor data discovery simple yet powerful for developers
  • Integrate well with existing 52°North sensor web software (towards a Sensor Web Suite)
  • Easy to extend harvesting mechanism based on Javascript

Why is it "open"?

  • open source software
  • open standards for the APIs
  • open standards for the data formats
  • open harvesting mechanism - everybody can write harvesting scripts for their own data



Version 1.0 - GSoC 2013

  • organisation
  • architecture
    • Checked checkbox Guice
    • Checked checkbox Java 7
    • Unchecked checkbox test driven development (unit + integration tests)
  • harvesting
    • Checked checkbox Javascript
    • Checked checkbox using quartz for scheduling
  • database backend
    • Checked checkbox Apache Lucene/Solr
  • interfaces
    • Checked checkbox SIR 1.0
    • Unchecked checkbox simple RESTful interface to sensors
    • Checked checkbox OpenSearch
  • uesr interface
    • Unchecked checkbox new start page
    • Unchecked checkbox login and script management

Version x.x (and later, also ideas and long term goals)

  • interfaces
    • CSW (reading)
  • harvesting
    • integrate with scraperwiki?
    • write harvesters in Scala
  • OAuth 2.0 for user authentication
  • database backend
    • use hibernate or Spring Data?


OssDevelopment > Information for software developers, software architecture, ...

OssDicuss > Summaries of discussions or links to external related resources that can be used to take OpenSensorSearch to the next level

Installation, Configuration, ...

See GitHub Readme >

User Documentation and Issues



Issue reporting

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