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Weekly Telecons

Are currently performed via Skype. If someone would like to join us, please send an email to

UTC Central Europe (+1)
Tuesday, 16:00 Tues, 17:00

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30 October 2007




  • maven handling out of eclipse: maybe extend description on twiki? -> Tbd.
  • source formatting -> There is a folder trunk/development with an eclipse settings file. It contains the default eclipse source-formatting plus an extended line width (160 instead of max. 80 chars per line).
  • GetCapabilities KVP -> to be integrated like is done in the other SWE services
  • Where are the core configuration files? -> will be put into sas-communication-http/src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/config.txt
  • ExpireHandler in DAO module? -> will be moved to core
  • db4o - tutorials -> pdf tutorial sent over the mailinglist
  • MessageHandler/handleIncommingEvent - event handler interfaces?
    • uom handling -> If filtering of data is necessary then all measurements will have to be converted from their current uom to the base uom. Same for the measures provided in the subscription filter as comparison numbers. Having done that, the filtering engine can compare data. However, keep in mind that this is not necessarily 100% precise due to the data conversion in java.
    • data structure -> Incoming data must be converted
    • filtering semantics -> Filter criteria apply to the data as a whole, so if there are, for example, eight wavelength measures [0,10,44,55,66,77,90,100] contained in an alert and a subscription filter says 'wavelength > 20 AND wavelength <=80', then the alert would not be forwarded to the subscriber.
  • which UML tool is used? -> Seems like there are no real preferences. However, Soyatec may be used because it can be integrated into eclipse. EA might be another option.
  • extend the Event and DAO interface (which dao-operations needs the Filter?) -> Matthes is already working on it.
  • Will the Event always ask the DAO for spatial operations? -> Not necessarily.
  • How can we document which optional xmltags we already support? -> Tbd, maybe via some UML or XSD diagrams of SweCommon with marks on what is supported and what is not?

Next steps

  • Johannes:
    • test unit handling package and - if useful - send to developers
    • upload new advertisement operation
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