The RESTful API provides easy access to timeseries information from all SOS instances configured at the Sensor Web Client's server part. It does not claim to provide full access to all information available via the SOS interface but does provide those kind of information to request timeseries graphs and observation data in a quite consensed way.

Supported HTTP Methods

Currently the API is read-only. Only HTTP GET and POST methods are supported at the moment. All endpoints support json. The metadata can also be explored by the client explorer . Using the discovery client lets you browse through the timeseries information via HTML. To gain a valid information setup, an SOS type has to be handable through a SosMetadataHandler implementation.

To get the resources directly as json just add the file extension .json to the URL or set the Accept HTTP header to application/json. If your browser doesn't want to display the results directly or nicely formatted, have a look at the plugin repository of your browser. For sure there is at least one JSON viewer available.

API Versions

Server-only Deployment

The modularization (server and UI) of the Sensor Web Client makes it possible to re-use only parts of the whole thing. One example is the restful-timeseries-webapp (review it on Github) web service which assembles the server part of the Sensor Web Client only so that requesting time series data and metadata information is possible without having the web UI available. Only re-using server side components of the client reduces the footprint you have to deploy when having your own {Javascript,PHP,Mobile,Whatever}-Client to display time series data.

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