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Become what mapmatters ( is for WMS, but for SOS and SES.


The new backlog is available online on > please contact Daniel to get access to it.

Old Backlog


Priorities: 1 = highest priority, n = lower priorities

Costs: "Felt" development costs, relative, no actual estimation neccessary, going from led-aqua = "low" to led-aqualed-aqualed-aqualed-aqua = "very high"

Statuses: unchecked = open task, checked = somebody is working on the task, DONE the task is "done". We have a very loose definition of done: "Contributor did some tests and it worked."

Group: Can be used freely to associate items together, but is optional..

Backlog Items

Group Item PrioritySorted ascending Costs Contributor/Status
  As a user I want to access open sensor search with my existing open search app, e.g. on Android 4 led-aqua unchecked
- As a user I want to search for data that has a maximum age, e.g. "water temperature in Hamburg within the last 2 hours", potentially with a special user interface element (time slider), potentially based on time extension ( Cumbersome because data must be available somehow. 4 led-aqua led-aqua led-aqua unchecked
- As a user I want to exploit all functionality of OpenSearch where reasonable (indicating errors, email property for contact in description document, multiple URI elements). 5 led-aqua led-aqua unchecked
- As a user I want to tag search results (very easy Javascript/HTML 5 user interaction, just click on the list of tags and you can add one) 5 led-aqua unchecked
API Add paging and more headers from RFC5988 ( 5 led-aqua led-aqua led-aqua unchecked

As a user I want to differentiate between "hits" and "results" and give direct feedback (e.g. voting up or down of search results, similar to StackExchange), and ideas based on TED Talk by Tim Berners-Lee >

6 led-aqua led-aqua unchecked
- As a maintainer I want to harvest data from GeoNetwork Opensource 6 led-aqua unchecked
Concept Design interfaces to integrate the SIR into a universal service bus, see 6 led-aqua led-aqua led-aqua unchecked
General Evaluate relation to CKAN - is it a possible backend, should OSS be build upon CKAN, can CKAN be integrated (harvesting one way or the orher) - and, see also discussion here: 6 led-aqua unchecked

As a user I want to get suggestions of similar sensors or potentially interesting services (just like in Amazon) > fuzzy search and colocation and keyword search.

  • need user profile for this?
  • "the following sensors deliver similar data" or "the following sensors are in the same area" or "this is also interesting for you"
  • "did you mean", "no results were found for tempratre, did you mean temperature"?
  • keywords such as "mean" or "average" suggest the appropriate WPS link...
7 led-aqua led-aqua led-aqua unchecked
- As a user I want a landing page that is as beautiful as this one: We could also add some big square buttons below the search field for "search on globe", "search on map", and "upload data". The next/previous background image is great. 8 led-aqua led-aqua led-aqua unchecked
- As a user I want to flattr a sensor provider (if he allows to do so). Extension: support micropayments / business model: this sensor costs X microdollars, "using this sensor data costs X microdollars per query", or "support the maintainer of this sensor" 8 led-aqua led-aqua led-aqua unchecked
- As a catalog maintainer I only want to push the sensor metadata to the catalogue that was actually changed since the last push (Implemented in the push task, but this requires a new database field in table catalog and corresponding DAO). 10 led-aqua unchecked
General As an administrator I want to run the SIR alongside a SOS to replace the procedure handling of the SOS with the SIR and provide sensor discovery functionality for that service. The SIR should run as a module within the SOS and be configurable from the SOS administrative interface and must use the same encoding and decoding dependencies as the SOS where possible. 10 led-aqua led-aqua led-aqua unchecked

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