SPS 2.0, Implementation Cycle 1


  • DONE Interface development for SPS Core Profile (with doing some pre-work for non-core interfaces)
  • DONE Maven Project Setup
  • Web Application structure making several HTTP bindings possible
    • DONE Choose POST XML as first implemented binding
    • DONE Consider loose coupling of components for ease configuration of new (e.g. optional SPS) components
  • Implement basic service metadata logic
    • DONE static capabilities information
    • DONE dynamic capabilities information arrowright this requires an SPS admin interface to avoid static configuration of sensors
  • SPS Admin interface
    • DONE create admin interface to add new SensorOfferings or SensorPlugin instances respectively arrowright each sensor instance can offer one or more SensorOfferings (with different observedProperties)
    • let insert logic differentiate between both create a new instance and add a SensorOffering to an existing instance
  • Implement task submission
    • DONE develop task creation and management logic
    • DONE check syntax and validate parameters
    • create scheduling logic
      • Task scheduling is (for now) not done by the SPS and has to be done by the sensor plugin itself
  • Create a CITE test plugin
    • DONE Define SensorPlugin interface
    • DONE Plugin is similar to the CITE Plugin used in OWS-5 (SPS version 1.0)
    • DONE simulate task execution
    • DONE create ResultAccess
  • Database
    • DONE Create data storage in memory at first and use them in tests
    • DONE Make storage implementation exchangable
    • DONE Create DAO interfaces
    • DONE Provide database implementation for persisted storage (done by hibernate)


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