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This version of the SPS implementation was the first one, developed by Johannes Echterhoff. Note, that in fact this version is not compliant to SPS version 1.0.0 since there were change requests in the meantime.

SPS implementation

conception and architecture

  • SPS has been redesigned to match the new requirements set by OGC's OWS3 initiative.
  • The implementation now forms a SPS framework for handling miscellaneous sensors.
  • The framework consists of three components:
    • the Controller: serves as a frontend to validate incoming requests and to forward them to the other two components depending on the kind of request
    • the ProfileManager (PM): is responsible for answering GetCapabilites-, DescribeTasking- and DescribeResultAccess-requests
    • the AssetManager (AM): this component is the main part of the application. GetFeasibility-, Submit-, GetStatus-, Update and Cancel-requests are delivered to this service. The AM is a framework that is capable of supporting every type of sensor - as long as an adapter- or connector- plugin has been provided and registerd for this sensor type.
An adapter serves as a frontend for another SPS's sensor - thereby either adding and / or removing features for controlling the sensor. This enables chaining of SPSs and adding complex business logic to simple sensor interfaces. On the other hand a connector has direct access to a sensor and thus always acts as the end in a chain of SPSs (formed by a chain of adapters with unknown count of chain links but always with one connector at the end).

service operations

  • The framework offers multiple service operations for administrating its components. Main operations include:
    • Registration of new sensor plugins and instances.
    • Getting a detailed status description of a sensor instance.
    • Updating information about the services offering the data gathered by a sensor instance.
    • Updating a registered sensor.
    • Cancelling tasks of a sensor (useful if a user with high priority wants to use the sensor).
    • Unregistering a sensor plugin or instance.
    • Setting the SPSs basic service description (i.e. the information defined by OGC OWS for all OGC web services: service identification and provider as well as operations metadata - the contents are generated by the framework).

SPS example application

  • Check out the SpsExamplePage which contains information about the example application.


The release of the SPS will be available soon. Until the release becomes available you can check out the latest version from the 52N SVN (

-- HenningBredel - 07 Feb 2008
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