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Arduino 2 SOS SWE

Interested Persons:
  • Matthes
  • Dustin
  • Daniel
Incubation Breakfast:

Monday 11.03.2013


  • additional requirements for SOS 2.0
    • InsertResult & InsertResultTemplate for collections. -- DustinDemuth
      i.e. clients could send sth. (which would create 4 new observations with the same $DATE$ and $POSITION$). like:
    • How to add data from Multiple sensors with one single connection? -- DustinDemuth
  • Use of the SensorBus for such applications?
  • General Cosm to SensorWeb adapter
    • I started an implementation of a cosm to SOS connector based on the cosm messaging protocol (being notified and then inserting to SOS instead of pulling), I'd be happy to collaborate on extending that! I did not consider it then, but maybe doing that using a SES would be a great workflow and demonstrator for us. -- DanielNuest - 2013-02-07
  • Thingspeak (an open-source alternative to cosm) -- DustinDemuth - 2013-02-26
  • Arduino-Actuator for SPS -- DustinDemuth - 2013-02-13
  • "Out-Sourcing" of Work to GSOC 2013
    • µSOS on a RaspberryPi -- this is more or less research and proof of concept work -- DustinDemuth - 2013-02-26
      • rPi as a powerful gateway for sensors
  • SensorWeb @ ServerRoom -- DustinDemuth - 2013-02-26


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