Security & GeoRM Regular Contributor's Meeting

November 11th, 2009, 14:00 am CEST

1. WPS Interceptor

WPS interceptor is ready to be released. Martin updated the current WSS configuration and default policies to "protect" a publically available WPS. There is still some little work left to make the WPS Interceptor available in the WSS Management Application. Martin points out that the WPS' asynchronous interface is not protected, yet, and that this might be a challenging task.


2. uDig WPS Plugin and protected WPS

Martin currently tries to get the Procssing Community's uDig WPS plugin working with a protected WPS via HTTP Basic Authentication. Generally this works out of the box, though stability seems to be an issue. He will work on that during the week.


3. Licensing Workflow

Thorsten evaluated two technical approaches to implement a simple click-through licensing use case based on recent and abandoned 52n components. The goal is to provide a machanism that prompts users to select and accept a license before the user is able to request a service. The service's capabilities offered to the user are governed by the selected license. Thorsten started implementing the workflow. New/recovered components include "LicenseBroker" (web-based UI to conclude licenses) and "LicenseManager" (web service to store and retrieve licenses).

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