This is the first draft for a howto for Windows users. It has been tested for XP.

Used versions:

  • Eclipse-SDK 3.2.2
  • Sysdeo Tomcat Launcher Plugin 3.2.1

Here we go:

  1. If Eclipse is not allready installed on your system, download it here.
  2. Download and install Apache Tomcat. Use this Linkfor downloading. Setting-up instruction you will find here here.
  3. Download and install the Sysdeo Tomcat Plugin Download and installation instructions here.
  4. Edit the GatekeeperConfig.xml located at 52n-security-gatekeeper-webapp\src\main\resources\conf Search for and replace it with the URI to your local Gatekeeper, e.g. http://localhost:8080/52n-security-gatekeeper-webapp/services/Gatekeeper in the same file, search for C:/devel/Workspaces/52North Security/Gatekeeper/target/52n-security-gatekeeper-webapp/WEB-INF/conf/Attachments.xml and replace it with the right path to your Attachments.xml. At last replace file:/C:/devel/Workspaces/52North Security/Gatekeeper/target/52n-security-gatekeeper-webapp/WEB-INF/conf/ with the right information to your
  5. Copy the attached file geodrmkeystore.jks in your Systen root (C:\). If you want to use another directory you have to modify the You will find the file in the 52n-security-gatekeeper-webapp/WEB-INF/conf folder.
  6. Compile the gatekeeper webapp with mvn compile. Read this for further information about maven and eclipse integration.
  7. Download the attached file 52n-security-gatekeeper-webapp.xml and place it at TOMCAT_ROOT\conf\Catalina\localhost. If the directory does not exist, create it. Modify the Path to you local Gatekeeper.
  8. Restart Tomcat and your Gatekeeper is ready to use and debug.
-- MartinWilden - 08 Nov 2007

* geodrmkeystore.jks: geodrmkeystore.jks
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