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Use WPS4R on Windows

This tutorial shows the steps to install WPS4R on a Windows machine. Since Rserve only has limited support for windows this deployment is not recommended for production use.


  • R (see and Rserve (see
    • R Version: WPS4R should work with all R versions as long as Rserve is working. Given the continuous improvements of R we recommend installing the latest available version. The linked tutorial for Linux uses several version numbers in its text, using a generic "version-number.x.x" if steps are not specific for a version.
      If you follow the steps in the tutorial, you will install the latest available version.
    • CRAN mirror: The CRAN mirrors all contain (potentially with a small delay) the same software/packages and you should pick one that is "close" to you (maybe even within your own university network). If you cannot decide: the RStudio mirrors are deemed to be quite fast as they internally use a content delivery network:
    • Environment variable R must be on the path, and since Rserve documentation mentions it uses a variable RHOME the following environment variables should exist (replacing x.y.z with your installations version number):
      RHOME = C:\Program Files\R\R-x.y.z
      PATH = [...];%RHOME%\bin\x64=

Installation steps



To see if Rserve is started, you can use the command telnet localhost 6311. Telnet must be activated manually in Windows 7/8.
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