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The 52°North Geoprocessing community website at serves mainly the purpose of presenting an overview of community activities and our flagship projects. The site should be kept clean, small and simple with a focus on giving a big picture view of
  • who the community is.
  • what the community's goals are.
  • what is going on at the moment.
  • what are the state and the features of important software projects.
  • how I can get in touch with and contribute to projects.

The site will be quite stable with dynamic contents coming in from other sources (Blog, Forum, Twitter, Ohloh).

Content about the company and its services are available through the links at the top the pages (the ones for the whole organisation).

Projects can be software projects, such as the WPS server, or research projects and collaborations such as an FP7 project with a strong processing component. If a software project is listed on the website, it should be actively maintained and relatively stable. This is our showcase!

The level of detail for software projects should be low, so just present the main ideas and features, including screenshots if possible, and try to "sell it". Detailed information such as installation instructions (beyond "download installer") or step-by-step tutorials for using the software must go into the Wiki.


The Wiki is for dynamic content. It should contain up-to-date tutorials and detailed instructions on how to install, use and develop software projects. It can also act as a resource to save outdated or currently inactive projects and provide information about the newest experimental projects.


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