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A Hands-on Introductions to Moving Code

This page tries to get you started with software development and running processes/processing based on the moving code ideas. If you want to learn about the concepts behind Moving Code and read about the fundamentals, please take a look at the "Research" section on the MovingCode page.

Moving Code Standalone


Moving Code with 52°North WPS (Hands-on Development)

  • Read the "About" section on MovingCode to get familiar with the terms and definitions.
  • Check out the WPS source code (see 52nWPS)
  • Check out the movingcode-runtime package from
    • 52n-wps-mc module: contains the abstract algorithm class and the process repository and thereby is the link between WPS and moving code
    • The available processors are defined in 52n-wps-webapp/.../WEB-INF/classes/processors.json
    • Container formats are assigned to processors
    • Browse throught the test in src/test/java to get to know the functionality of code parts
    • Take a look at the example package descriptions, e.g. src/test/.../ztransform/packagedescription.xml, see how it is structured and what the content is.
  • Enable the moving-code dependency in the WPS parent POM (if not activated yet)
    • Go to the element Project > Modules and add/uncomment the following module:
    • Re-build the whole project
  • Take a look at the configuration in wps_config.xml (in the 52n-wps-webapp project) at the repository definition starting with =<Repository name="MCProcessRepository" className="" active="true"> =
  • Build and deploy your WPS (e.g. on localhost)
  • Run the test process "Echo Process" - it simply returns the plain text (encoded, no special characters) - so don't forget to edit the text.

Example Processes

MC Echo

See .../webapp/requests/mc_echo.xml for the execute request.



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