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The Geoprocessing Community


The working group limits its activities to "processing" and stimulates the development of Java-components. It will act as an umbrella for development projects to stimulate cooperation, standardization and publication. The working group will limit recommendations to its field of expertise. It welcomes projects which use frameworks in combination with geo processing services and promotes publication of as much examples as possible. New project leaders should be stimulated to learn from the experience of others.


Founding Members

Founded on Thursday 16 March 2006 by:
  • Wim Koolhoven - ITC
  • Martin May - con terra
  • Alexander Walkowski - IfGI, now con terra
  • Theodor Foerster - PhD student at ITC, now SAP Research
  • Martin Schouwenburg - TO 52N

Active members

  • Johannes Brauner, Technical University of Dresden
  • Benjamin Proß, 52°North
  • Matthias Müller, Technical University of Dresden
  • Daniel Nüst, 52°North
  • Matthes Rieke, 52°North
  • Tom Kunicki, USGS/CIDA, now Boundless
  • Ivan Suftin, USGS/CIDA
  • Jordan Walker, USGS/CIDA
  • Phil Russo, USGS/CIDA via contractor
  • Matthias Hinz, IfGI/52°North
  • Christian Autermann, IfGI/52°North
  • Eva Peters, con terra

Former members

  • Bastian Baranski, Institute for Geoinformatics, Muenster
  • Bastian Schaeffer, Institute for Geoinformatics, Muenster
  • Janne Kovanen, Finish Geodetic Institute, Masala, Finland



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