Potential Tasks

(participants in the study project will work on an agreed selection of tasks from this list)

  • (A) SDI node administration
    • documentation of the architecture/configuration
    • set up and manage the GEONETCast data manager (ILWIS GEONETCast toolbox)
    • administration of the data server
    • set up an manage a metadata server (e.g. from AGS)
    • store grids as files, in a RDBMS, or in a ArcGIS data base? How can duplication be avoided? See also this thread: http://lists.osgeo.org/pipermail/discuss/2008-November/004653.html

  • (B) Provision of Web Services (WMS, WCS) for accessing GEONETCast data
    • agree on certain information products tb provided
    • organise preprocessing workflows
    • set up and configure the GIS Web servers (AGS Image Extension, UMN Mapserver)

  • (C) develop new information products based on GEONETCast data (+X)
    • agree on certain information products tb provided
    • organise processing workflows using desktop GIS (e.g. ÍLWIS, GRASS, 'ArcGISDesktop', ..)
    • provide access to the results via OGC web services

  • (D) develop web applications as to provide access to the information products via the internet
    • agree on functional requirements (e.g. searchin information resources using the metadata server, mapping, user management)
    • access our information product as well as external ressources
    • develop web applications using webapp frameworks and web GIS tools (e.g. 'OpenLayers', 'MapBender', GPT, QGIS, 'OpenJump'..)

  • (E) implement means for managing access to the information products
    • agree on a policy for securing information products (authentication, authorization, ..licensing, accounting)
    • agree on an implementation concept
    • set up and configure security services

  • (F) develop a WPS for (pre)processing GEONETCast data
    • (tb defined)

  • (G) develop a SWE application as to combine RS and insitu sensor data
    • GEONETCast delivers remote sensing data (i.e. satellite images) whereas in-situ sensors measure the phenomenon at the position where they are located (e.g. weather stations)
    • select an appropriate set of remote sensing data delivered by GEONETCast
    • identify and agree on a set of insitu sensor data that can be used for complement the selected remote sensing data
    • agree on a way to combine the two data sources (e.g. validation, interpolation, etc.)
    • set up the according web services
    • provide an according client

  • (H) Misc (all participants)
    • Read materials, provided with the bookshelf
    • Prepare and present an Inception Report
    • Prepare and present the Final Report
    • attend at least the following meetings: Kick-Off Meeting, Inception Report Meeting, Final Workshop
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