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This page is currently under construction. The goal is to provide three levels of content to (a) introduce new users to this wiki, (b) explain the basics of wiki page editing, and (c) point to advanced resources for power users.These three levels shall be provided as separate wiki pages and ideas for their contents are outlined below.

Course Concepts

Basic Wiki User

Target duration and form: 15 minutes in form of numbered steps to complete on a wiki page.

Target audience: Everybody who subscribes to a mailing list is pointed to the website and basic wiki course in the welcome email.

Content ideas for this section:
  • Explain terms (web, page, keyword, tags(?))
  • Explain search/jump
  • Explain breadcrumps and URLs
  • Explain browsing and the overall wiki start page
  • Point out some (content wise) interesting pages

Wiki Contributor

Target duration and form: 1 hour, compiled in one wiki page and slides for download, with enough time to try out editing sandbox pages.

Target audience: Everybody who signs a CLA. This course is offered to be "read" by 52°North staff twice a year in an online meeting plus 30 minutes Q&A.

Content ideas for this section:
  • Editing a page
    • Headlines
    • Images
    • Internal and external links
    • Lists
    • File attachments
  • WYSIWYG editor (and why NOT use it)
  • WebNotify
  • Page history
  • WikiGuide
  • Adding tags to topics

Wiki Editor

Target duration: None - this is a collection of links to (external) documentation pages, mailing list discussions, ... at this stage, the wiki user should be possible to understand these resources directly.

Target audience: Code maintainers, community managers, lab leaders, 52N staff.

Content ideas for this section:
  • Raw mode editor
  • Editing tables
  • Source code with highlighting
  • How to provide good portal pages, e.g. Documentation, Overview pages,...
  • ...
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