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Sensor Web Community Website - Maven Editing Guide

This page describes how you can edit the Sensor Web Community website. The website is based on Maven and uses WebDAV for uploading files. Therefore the following requirements are given:
  • You must be able to run Maven
  • Maven must be able to upload files via WebDAV to the 52°North Server.
  • Your computer has to be in the 52°North network (at least for the geoprocessing site)
Installation of Maven will not be explained here, and the upload will automatically work with Maven but it requires to install the 52°North certificate to the Java installation.

Prepare Java Installation

  • Ensure %JAVA_HOME%\bin is on your path
    • ''Important: Make sure you use that Java installation to run Maven!'' To be safe, it is recommended to use that Java in JAVE_HOME and also for running Eclipse, if you start Maven from Eclipse.
  • Install 52°North Certificate

Configure Maven

            <username>YOUR 52°NORTH ACCOUNT</username>
        ... </servers>

Check out and Deploy

  • Check out the website project from SVN:
  • Edit the pages, for formatting guidelines see
  • Build the page locally with mvn site:site
  • Open the created pages and check if everything looks as it should.
  • Commit your changes to the SVN.
  • Deploy the website to the server with mvn clean site:site site:deploy
  • Check the online version of the page if everything still works.



I get an Transfer error: PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target

Solution: Install the SSL certificate!

Delete Pages

I removed pages but they are still available online.

Solution: Remove the pages with a WebDAV client, e.g. BitKinex.

Redirect Moved Pages

I moved the pages to another section of the website, but the old ones are still available online.

  • Create a file called htaccess where you describe the rules for the 301 redirect. Example:
    Redirect 301 /communities/sensorweb/incubation/discovery/index.html
  • Upload the file to the WebDav using a client such as BitKinex, into the folder where the files have been before. In the example above into communities/sensorweb/incubation/discovery/
  • Write an email to it-support and ask them to rename the file from htaccess to .htaccess. You cannot edit the .htaccess file directly using WebDAV for security reasons.


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