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IRC at 52°North

The Internet Relay Chat is a protocol for real-time text messaging with multiple users - an online chat!

Channel #52north

52°North has a channel at freenode open to anybody, from staff via members of the network and users of 52°North software to anybody interested in geospatial open source software.


You do not need an account, just start an IRC client, connect to freenode (irc://, and join the channel #52north by typing /join #52north.

And hang up posters! 52n-join-irc.pdf and 52n-join-irc.svg


There are many user guides for IRC in the internet and for freenode, so we'll just provide a very short introduction and some pointers here.


Many different clients for IRC exist (see a list), but for beginners and Firefox users we can recommend Chatzilla (see also this short user guide). It runs as a Firefox extension and can be easily installed.


IRC is old school internet, so if you want to use it more the most efficient way is to take a look at the textual commands. The software listed above can help you with most of these commands though.


We recommend to register your preferred nickname so that no other users can use it on freenode. This increases recognizability. You find all information on user and nickname registration on the freenode website.

52°North staff usually makes their affiliation visible by attaching _52n to their chat name. Feel free to do the same for your organization! And of course you are very welcome to approach members with such a nickname directly if you have any questions.


Of course we have our own bot in the channel, bot_52n. You can issue commands starting with a ! character, for example !help.


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