Variowin 2.21

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DEVELOPED 1996-1999
AUTHOR Yvan Pannatier

Developed at the Institute of Mineralogy and Petrography
University of Lausanne

PURPOSE Variogram analysis and modeling.
FUNCTIONS variogram, madogram, correlogram, Stand. variogram, covariance
cross variogram, cross madogram, ...
h-scatterplots and clouds of the correlation functions
directional variograms, madogram, ...
interactive identification and masking of data pairs
variogram, madogram, ..., surfaces exported in a grid format (these can so be compared)
interactive modeling of the correlation functions
CODES Not Available
TIP The first version was a freeware and was fully dedicated to the teaching of variographical analysis. The copyrights however did not allow the distribution of the freeware without the agreement of the author. This explains why Variowin was not available on the web. A commercial version has been released later with a book which was an improvement of the online help. The book & software have been sold together and are now currently out of print. VARIOWIN 2.21 is now the latest version of the software and is free.

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A FAQ is also available from - link is broken, will be checked soon
Problems & Bugs

If running Variowin 2.2 under Win95, be aware that the DOS restrictions on file name length still apply. When trying to save a *var file for example, if the file name is too long, there is no error message but it does not save the file.

Version 2.21 of the software fixes the floating point error .

Other related tool for teaching geostatistics: see E{Z}-Kriging.

Portuguese introduction to Variowin: - link is broken, will be checked soon
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Pannatier, Y., "VARIOWIN: Software for Spatial Data Analysis in 2D"
New York, NY, 1996.
ISBN 0-387-94679-9

The first version has been described more technically in Yvan's Ph.D.

Pannatier, Y., "VARIOWIN: Logiciel pour l'analyse spatiale de données en 2D- Etude geologique et geostatistique du gite de phosphates de Taiba (Senegal)"
Ph.D. thesis, University of Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland, 1995.
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