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AUTHOR Santiago Saura Martinez de Toda

Dept. d'Enginyeria Agroforestal
E.T.S. d'Enginyeria Agraria
Universitat de Lleida
Av. Alcalde Rovira Roure, 191
25198 Lleida

E-mail: ssaura(at) or
PURPOSE Simulation of categorical landscape spatial patterns
FUNCTIONS This program allows obtaining a wide range of patterns with any number of classes in which fragmentation and classes abundances can be independent and systematically varied. It is also possible to obtain patterns with anisotropy and to control the minimum mapped unit of the artificial landscapes.

SIMMAP is the result of implementing the modified random clusters (MRC hereafter) simulation method. This method provides more general and realist results than other commonly used landscape models
SIMMAP also computes several landscape pattern configuration indices on the MRC patterns, such as those related to edges, number, size and shape of the patches, and some others. The obtained raster MRC patterns can be saved as image files in 'bmp' format, which may be imported in other image processing or G.I.S. programmes if necessary.
CODES C++ Codes available on request
TIP Related papers are available on the author's web page.


Saura, S. and J. Martinez-Millan. 2000. Landscape patterns simulation with a modified random clusters method. Landscape Ecology 15 (7): 661-678.
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