Orient 1.62

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AUTHOR Frederick W. Vollmer
Department of Geological Sciences
Wooster Science Building 222
75 South Manheim Blvd.
New Paltz, New York 12561

E-Mail: vollmerf(at)newpaltz.edu

PURPOSE Orientation data analysis program
FUNCTIONS Analysis of three dimensional orientation data representing lines or planes in space.Plots equal area and stereographic projections, including best fit eigenvectors and confidence regions. Contouring can be done using spherical Schmidt, Kamb and modified Kamb methods.

Orient also plots map data and subdivides an area into structural domains, typically areas where structures share a common fold axis. Field data can be plotted on maps with strike and dip or arrow symbols. The map area is subdivided into a grid of subdomains for which the best fit lines or planes are calculated and plotted. The subdomains are then grouped into structural domains to maximize cylindricity.

Spherical projections, eigenvalue graphs, and maps of structural data can be exported into AutoCAD, WordPerfect, or other software that support DXF or HPGL graphics files.
CODES Not Available
HOMEPAGE Home: www2.newpaltz.edu/~vollmerf/software.html
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