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GeoDa 0.95i

Below is the detail information:

DEVELOPED 2003-2004
AUTHOR Luc Anselin
Department of Geography
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
220 Davenport Hall, MC-150
607 South Mathews Ave
Urbana, IL 61801

anselin(at) - link is broken, will be checked soon
PURPOSE Exploratory spatial data analysis (ESDA) tool for lattice data (points and polygons).
FUNCTIONS Spatial Data

+ data input from shape file (point, polygon)
+ data input from text (to point or polygon shape)
+ data output to text (data or shape file)
+ create grid polygon shape file from text input
+ centroid computation
+ Thiessen polygons

Data Transformation

+ variable transformation (log, exp, etc.)
+ queries, dummy variables (regime variables)
+ variable algebra (addition, multiplication, etc.)
+ spatial lag variable construction
+ rate calculation and rate smoothing
+ data table join


+ generic quantile choropleth map
+ standard deviational map
+ percentile map
+ outlier map (box map)
+ circular cartogram
+ map movie
+ conditional maps
+ smoothed rate map (EB, spatial smoother)
+ excess rate map (standardized mortality rate, SMR)


+ histogram
+ box plot
+ scatter plot
+ parallel coordinate plot
+ three-dimensional scatter plot
+ conditional plot (histogram, box plot, scatter plot)/font>

Spatial Autocorrelation

+ spatial weights creation (rook, queen, distance, k-nearest)
+ higher order spatial weights
+ spatial weights characteristics (connectedness histogram)
+ Moran scatterplot with inference
+ bivariate Moran scatterplot with inference
+ Moran scatterplot for rates (EB standardization)
+ Local Moran significance map
+ Local Moran cluster map
+ bivariate Local Moran
+ Local Moran for rates (EB standardization)

Spatial Regression

+ OLS with diagnostics (e.g., LM test, Moran's I)
+ Maximum Likelihood spatial lag model
+ Maximum Likelihood spatial error model
+ predicted value map
+ residual map
CODES Not Available
TIP Plenty of material on the homepage, user group.
HOMEPAGE Home: - link is broken, will be checked soon
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