S-GEMS 2.0

Below is the detail information:

DEVELOPED 2001-2007
AUTHOR Nicolas H. Remy

Dept. of Petroleum Engineering
Stanford University

PLATFORM Linux , Windows
PURPOSE Software for 3D geostatistical modeling
FUNCTIONS + Histograms, QQ plots
+ covariance calculation and modelling

+ Kriging
+ Multivariate kriging (co-kriging)
+ Sequential Gaussian simulation
+ Sequential indicator simulation
+ Multivariate sequential Gaussian and indicator simulation
+ Multiple-point statistics simulation


+ Scripting capabilities: S-GeMS embeds the Python scripting language, that allows to automatically perform several (repetitive) actions.

+ Use of plug-ins to add new geostatistics algorithms, support new file formats, or increase the set of script commands
CODES C++ codes available. The code is distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).
TIP Users mailing list
HOMEPAGE Home: http://sgems.sourceforge.net


GsTL: The Geostatistical Template Library in C++
Nicolas H. Remy, Arben Shtuka, Bruno Levy, Jef Caers
In: Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the International Association for Mathematical Geology, IAMG2001, Cancun, Mexico, September 6-12, 2001.
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