Antelope 1.3

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AUTHOR J. Bradbury & S. Vehrencamp
Macaulay Library of Natural Sounds
Cornell Lab of Ornithology
159 Sapsucker Woods Road
Ithaca NY 14850 USA

PURPOSE Macintosh programs that may be of use to researchers in animal behavior or field ecology. Spatial and multivariate analysis programs.
FUNCTIONS + Analysis of home ranges (convex polygon, elliptical, and Fourier methods)
+ Correlograms using gridded data
+ Computation of Moran's I for gridded count data
+ Dirichlet (= Voronoi or Thiessen) polygons and Delaunay tessellations of points
+ Comparison to Poisson and Negative Binomial expectations for gridded data
+ Greig Smith ANOVA for gridded data
+ Fractal analysis in 2 dimensions
+ Point grouping algorithm using Delaunay distances
CODES Not Available
TIP Another software, KERNEL, is available from the homepage. KERNEL is a program that accepts a file of x,y locational data and uses the kernel method to estimate home ranges. This module will eventually be incorporated into ANTELOPE when and if the authors get time to do so. Kernel methods have largely replaced harmonic mean estimates of home range in the last few years. They also have an advantage over Fourier methods in that they are not as sensitive to the size of the world in which the range is estimated.
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