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Joining the forum


The main goal of AI-GEOSTATS is to promote communication about geostatistics and spatial statistics (GIS, geostatistics, point statistics, lattice statistics, geoinformatics, sampling strategies,...) between persons working in different fields.

This list is not moderated but we have the following rules:
  • Announcements of courses, conferences, freeware and jobs can be sent to the list only once.
  • Announcements of software are not allowed.
  • The mailing list operates entirely through electronic mail and there is no cost for subscription to, or use of, the list.
  • Do not send questions and replies directly to the subscribers but only to the list. This will make sure the information is stored in the archives and that it can be used later on by anyone (minimising so the risks to get always the same questions).
  • As a general service to list users, please post a summary of any useful responses to your questions.
  • Please remember not to post mails with attachments since these could contain viruses .
  • Please keep in mind that subscribers have different backgrounds and therefore you should avoid questions about data (where can I find...., how should I measure...). As an example, a sociologist won't be interested in the best wavelengths to use for the monitoring of tropical vegetation or where to find related data sets.
  • Questions about the use of a software (bugs, compilation problems, methods, general, ..) to perform any spatial statistics are welcome.
  • Please, do not send messages about:
    • Geographic DBMS (Database Management Systems);
    • Hardware, and computer performances;
    • Requests for spatial data and sources (digital maps, stats data, ...): a few sources can be found under the topics "Data" and "Links"
    • GIS data format, terrain & river modelling, network analysis, ... basically all GIS functions that are not focusing on spatial statistics since these topics are often discussed in GIS mailing lists (like the Grass users list & ESRI-L mailing list) or newsgroups (comp.infosystems.gis).
  • If you have doubts, please contact me before sending your message.
Tolerance is an essential key of the success of a discussion forum. People making sarcastic or ironic comments will see their subscription immediately suspended.

To subscribe

If you subscribe to ai-geostats, I assume you have read the rules before and that you have accepted them. To subscribe to ai-geostats, send the following in the subject or in the body (plain text format) of an email message to majordomo(at)

subscribe ai-geostats


This will subscribe the account from which you send the message to the ai-geostats list.

ai-geostats-digest does not exist yet.

After your request to subscribe to the list, you will receive another message with a key for authentification inviting you to confirm your subscription.

The request for authentication is to make sure that you actually asked to be subscribed to the mailing list. These days, the Internet has many people who think it's fun to subscribe their enemies' email address to many mailing lists. This has the effect of stuffing the victim's email box full of unwanted mail. Because the basic subscription system only relies on the email address in the subscribe message (which can be easily forged) we send a 'confirmation' message back to the subscriber before we actually put them on the list. While this makes a little more work for the honest subscribers, it prevents the bad guys from using our list to harass their victims.

To unsubscribe

To unsubscribe to ai-geostats, send the following in the subject or in the body (plain text format) of an email message to majordomo(at)

unsubscribe ai-geostats


Costs of using the list

The use of the list is completely free.

If the development and maintenance of the list has cost me a fortune in the past, the use of the mailing list is 100% free.

Getting technical help

To get help send the following in the subject or in the body (plain text format) of an email message to majordomo(at)

help ai-geostats


If you don't find the information you want you can reach the moderator at gregoire.dubois(at)

Sending mails to the ai-geostats mailing list

Only those subscribed to the mailing list can post messages. If you are not subscribed, your mail will be lost somewhere in cyberspace. If you post something to the ai-geostats subscribers, we assume you have read the rules before and that you have accepted them.

You can reach the ai-geostats community by sending a mail to: ai-geostats(at)

Please wait at least 6 hours before sending your mail again in case it doesn't appear on the list The software redistributing the mails is running on a machine which is dedicated to other tasks and sending mails to around 1000 people can be very slow. For this reason, the size of the mail is limited to 40 kb.

Please remember not to post mails with attachments since these could contain viruses.

Problems in using the list

How to distribute a file/document to ai-geostats?

Please remember not to post mails with attachments since these could contain viruses and further slow down the distribution of the mails.

Last but not least, the mail archiving system does not store mails with attachments.

I have subscribed but I don't receive any messages

One reason can come from the mailing list system: Majordomo, the system running the mailing list is automatically deleting addresses where mails have been bouncing a few times (have you had a system down during few days ?). You therefore have to subscribe again.

Another reason can be a bad email address given to Majordomo.

If the problem persist, you can reach the moderator at gregoire.dubois(at)

How can I suspend my subscription?

To suspend reception of mails sent to ai-geostats, you have to unsubscribe I'm afraid.

Changing email address

If your email address has changed, you will have to unsubscribe your old address (with the old account) and subscribe again with the new one. If you do not have access to your old email account, please get in touch with me and I will delete the old address.

Sent mails not appearing on the list

Before considering your mail as lost, please wait at least a few hours before reacting: it can take a lot of time to redistribute more than 1000 mails.

Lost messages can be due the address used to write your message: it may be different than the one used to subscribe to the lost. Both addresses must indeed be the same. Another reason might be that the content of your mail is too big. The maximum allowed is around 16 kb. Did you try to send an attachment bigger than 16 kb ?

If your email system was down for a while, then you probably have been automatically unsubscribed as bouncing accounts are automatically deleted. You should thus subscribe again.

Last but not least, make sure you have used ai-geostats(at)

Messages appearing without contents

The mailing list server is running under a system called "Majordomo" which does not deal well with nonstandard headers in mail messages. This can be one of the reasons of getting "blank" messages sent to ai-geostats. The mail sender can try to put a few blank lines between the headers and the content of his message.

Is there a digested format of the mailing list?

Not yet, sorry.

I need more help/information

Contact gregoire.dubois(at)
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