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Book Title: GSLIB. Geostatistical Software Library and User's Guide. (2nd Ed)

ISBN: 0195100158

Book Author(s): Clayton V. Deutsch, Andre G. Journel

Book Publisher: Oxford University Press

Date of Publication: 1 September 1997

Cost: 75 US$

Pages: 65



Focusing on the needs of the reasonably advanced practitioner or researcher, the new edition offers powerful, flexible, and documented programs that are not confined to user-friendly menus. GSLIB provides a source code that can be used as a starting point for custom programs, advanced applications, and research. This second edition offers two MS-DOS diskettes which contain a FORTRAN source code and details of co-kriging, simulations, and other methods.


I. Introduction
II. Getting Started
1. Geostatistical Concepts: A Review
2. GSLIB Conventions
3. Variogram Model Specifications
4. Search Strategies
5. Data Sets
6. Problem Set One: Data Analysis
III. Variograms
7. Measures of Spatial Variability
8. GSLIB Variogram Programs
9. Regularly Spaced Data
10. Irregularly Spaced Data
11. Variogram Maps
12. Application Notes
13. Problem Set Two: Variograms
IV. Kriging
14. Kriging with GSLIB
15. A Straightforward 2-D Kriging Problem
16. A Flexible 3-D Kriging Problem
17. Cokriging Problem
18. Application Notes
19. Problem Set Three: Kriging
20. Problem Set Four: Cokriging
21. Problem Set Five: Indicator Kriging
V. Simulation
22. Principles of Stochastic Simulation
23. Gaussian-Related Algorithms
24. Indicator-Based Algorithms
25. p-Field Simulation
26. Boolean Algorithms
27. Simulated Annealing
28. Gaussian Simulation Programs
29. Sequential Indicator Simulation Programs
30. A Boolean Simulation Program
31. Simulated Annealing Programs
32. Application Notes
33. Problem Set Six
VI. Other Useful Programs
34. PostScript Display
35. Utility Programs
Appendix A: Partial Solutions to Problem Sets
Appendix B: Software Installation
Appendix C: Programming conventions
Appendix D: Alphabetical Listing of Programs
Appendix E: List of Acronyms and Notations
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