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Title: Geographic Information Systems in Oceanography and Fisheries

ISBN: 0415284635

Book Author(s): Vasilis D. Valavanis

Book Publisher: Taylor & Francis / Spon Press

Date of Publication: 19 September 2006

Cost: 65 US$

Pages: 10

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Marine GIS applications share only about a fifth of GIS history. They created a new application theme in the field of Geographical Information Systems posing several challenges in the domain of Geographical Information Science. These new challenges originate from the fact that a computerized application is called upon to model the dynamics of marine environment and provide meaningful explanations about these dynamics. The opposing strength of marine GIS is that it fully develops the central point of GIS technology, that of geo-referenced data integration, to explain the dynamic relations between marine processes and species population characteristics.

Geographic Information Systems in Oceanography and Fisheries (ISBN: 0415284635), a publication by Taylor & Francis / Spon Press under the GIS and Remote Sensing Arena, overviews existing marine GIS developments and presents new innovative approaches of using GIS in the examination of the dynamic relations that characterize the marine world including marine GIS macro routines for the development of Oceanography and Fisheries GIS applications.

Chapters include:

The Essential Goal of Marine GIS -- Spatial Thinking and GIS Analysis in the Marine Context -- Conceptual Model of a Marine GIS -- GIS and Scientific Visualisation Systems -- Software Issues and Packages for Marine GIS Development -- The Use of GIS in Various Fields of Oceanography -- Marine Geology -- Flood Assessment -- Coastal and Ocean Management -- Coastal Zone Dynamics -- Marine Oil Spills -- Sea Level rise -- Natural and Artificial Reefs -- Wetlands and Watersheds -- Submerged Aquatic Vegetation -- Worldwide Oceanographic GIS Initiatives -- Online Oceanographic GIS Tools -- Oceanographic Data Sampling Methods -- Oceanographic Data Sources and GIS Databases -- Identification and Measurement of Upwelling Events -- Identification of Temperature and Chlorophyll Fronts -- Identification and Measurement of Gyres -- Classification of Surface Waters -- Mapping of the Sea Bed -- Worldwide Fisheries GIS Tools and Initiatives -- GIS Applications in Marine and Inland Fisheries and Aquaculture -- Marine Fisheries Aquaculture -- Inland Fisheries -- Fisheries Data Sampling Methods -- Fisheries Data Sources and GIS Databases -- Mapping Production, Biological and Genetic Data -- Mapping of Spawning Grounds -- Mapping Environmental Variation of Production -- Mapping Migration Corridors -- Mapping Seasonal Essential Habitats -- GIS and Fisheries Management -- Many Application Examples -- Annexes of GIS Macro Routines

Book contents present how GIS analyzes oceanographic processes, how GIS integrates species life history data to reveal certain spatio-temporal components of species population dynamics, how GIS integrates data from marine satellites and how GIS links these analytical steps for a combined examination of marine world. The book is intended to be a reference for all aquatic scientists. It is anticipated that the relevance of the book and the included application examples and associated GIS macro routines will be such that anyone with interests in marine GIS development, physical and biological oceanography, fisheries, marine biology, and information-based management of natural resources will find it useful.

For more information about the book, please contact the author:

Vasilis D. Valavanis, Institute of Marine Biology of Crete, Sonar and Marine Information Systems, PO BOX 2214, 71003, Iraklion, Crete, Greece, Tel. 3-0810-243368 -- Fax 3-0810-241882

E-Mail: vasilis(at)

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