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52°North is migrating this TWiki to foswiki which will become availabe via the well known domain soon.
Hence, this wiki is switched to read-only mode starting Monday - 27.06.2016 - until the end of the migration. Hence, save your changes beforehand.

The 52°North IT-Team.
TWiki's <span class="twikiNewLink"><a href="/bin/edit/SensorWeb/SensorWeb?topicparent=SensorWeb.WebRss;nowysiwyg=1" rel="nofollow" title="SensorWeb (this topic does not yet exist; you can create it)">SensorWeb</a></span> web The SensorWeb web of TWiki. TWiki is a Web-Based Collaboration Platform for the Corporate World. en-us Copyright 2016 by contributing authors 52North - Wikimaster [] The contributing authors of TWiki TWiki Home - this site is powered by TWiki(R).SensorWeb SosImporter How to Run How to Build How to Develop 52°North SOS Importer The SOS Importer is a tool for importing observations from CSV files ... (last changed by EikeHinderkJuerrens) 2016-06-14T08:56:33Z EikeJuerrens WeatherStationsPersistentTestbed Persistent Sensor Web Testbed: Weather Stations Live data If you want to see live data, just checkout the SOS Client running on our http://sensorweb.demo.52north ... (last changed by EikeHinderkJuerrens) 2016-06-06T11:49:18Z EikeJuerrens RegisterBinding Register binding Introduction With the register binding a user can register a new sensor with the raw sensor description via HTTP POST. The SOS then fetches the ... (last changed by CarstenHollmann) 2016-05-12T14:01:39Z carstenhollmann SensorObservationServiceIVDocumentation SOS 4.x Documentation Quick Links About How to install How to Develop For Information about the former 52°North implementation, SOS 3.x , please see ... (last changed by CarstenHollmann) 2016-05-11T13:52:00Z carstenhollmann SensorObservationServiceDeveloperGuide SOS 4.x Contributor Guide PDF aus dieser Wiki Seite erzeugen: PDF Introduction This is the developer guide for the SOS 4.x. To all contributors: If you contributing ... (last changed by CarstenHollmann) 2016-05-10T08:36:18Z carstenhollmann InspireSpecialisedObservations INSPIRE Specialised Observations PDF aus dieser Wiki Seite erzeugen: PDF Introduction The INSPIRE Specialised Observations are defined in the D2.9 Guidelines for ... (last changed by CarstenHollmann) 2016-05-10T06:40:15Z carstenhollmann SosFAQ SOS 4.x Frequently Asked Questions General questions Why is the namespace not properly declared in , e.g. xsi:type "ns:DataArrayPropertyType" This is because ... (last changed by CarstenHollmann) 2016-04-28T12:01:31Z carstenhollmann SensorObservationServiceDatabaseModel 52°North Sensor Observation Service 4.x Database model This page describes the 52°North Sensor Observation Service 4.x database model. The database model is divided ... (last changed by CarstenHollmann) 2016-04-14T06:58:06Z carstenhollmann SensorObservationServiceIV 52°North Sensor Observation Service 4.x Documentation Pages SensorObservationServiceIVDocumentation SensorObservationServiceDeveloperGuide For Information ... (last changed by CarstenHollmann) 2016-04-14T06:51:41Z carstenhollmann WebNotificationServiceExamplePage Web Notification Service (WNS) Testing Introduction Here you can test the WNS. The first thing you have to do is to register a SingleUser. In the form there are ... (last changed by EikeHinderkJuerrens) 2016-04-05T13:40:52Z EikeJuerrens WebNotificationService Web Notification Service (WNS) This documentation relates to WNS version 2 00 00. As of moving to a maven managed project the documentation may not fit anymore. This ... (last changed by EikeHinderkJuerrens) 2016-04-05T13:35:16Z EikeJuerrens WNS_v2_1_x Web Notification Service 2.1.x This is an extract of (older) WNS installation guide. The old one remain as reference but may be outdated, e.g. build process. If something ... (last changed by EikeHinderkJuerrens) 2016-04-05T13:32:01Z EikeJuerrens WNS_2-00-00 Web Notification Service (WNS) 2.0.0 Release v2 00 00 The new OGC best practice paper 06 095 lead to some changes in the design of the WNS, as Ingo Simonis had announced ... (last changed by EikeHinderkJuerrens) 2016-04-05T13:28:18Z EikeJuerrens SosExampleServices SOS Example Services This page is open for your contributions! List of Services This list shall contain publically available SOS instances, 52°North implementation ... (last changed by DanielNuest) 2015-10-27T09:09:44Z danielnuest AqdEReporting Air Quality Data e Reporting Introduction This page descibes the Quality Data (AQD) e Reporting extension for the 52°North SOS 4.x. This extensions extends the ... (last changed by CarstenHollmann) 2015-08-19T13:42:35Z carstenhollmann SensorWebClientRESTInterface RESTful API The RESTful API provides easy access to timeseries information from all SOS instances configured at the Sensor Web Client's server part. It does not claim ... (last changed by EikeHinderkJuerrens) 2015-07-22T15:24:08Z EikeJuerrens
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