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Software Projects

Project LinkSorted ascending Description
OX-Framework OWS Access Framework is a generic software framework for application developers
Android Projects for mobile devices using Android OS
SensorObservationService Information about our Sensor Observation Service
JavascriptOXF OX-Framework variant for Javascript.
OpenNoiseMap An Android-based noise mapping framework
OpenSensorSearch A framework for sensor discovery.
OwsSupervisor A simple maintenance service for OGC Web Services
SensorAlertService Information about our Sensor Alert Service (Warning, important Discontinued! See SES)
SensorEventService Information about our Sensor Event Service
SensorInstanceRegistry Low-level registry for sensor instances and cataloguing (ALERT! Discontinued! See OpenSensorSearch)
SensorInterfaceDescriptor SensorML-based XML schema to describe the protocol of a sensor
SensorObservableRegistry Registry for observable phenomena
SensorPlanningService Information about our Sensor Planning Service
SensorPlatformFramework Software framework for UAVs
SensorRegistry Registry for sensors and sensor services (ALERT! Discontinued! See SensorInstanceRegistry)
SensorVis Geobrowser viewer for live sensor data supporting the Ifgicopter.
SensorWebClient Provides easy access to timeseries data stored within SOS
SensorWorld Information about our Sensor Simulation Architecture "Sensor World"
SosImporter Tool to import observations & measurement from files formatted using CSV to a running SOS instance
WebNotificationService Information about our Web Notification Service

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