Sensor Event Service (SES)


The Sensor Event Service (SES) is a conceptual enhancement of the Sensor Alert Service (SAS) and provides users with a publish/subscribe-based access to sensor data and measurements. Based upon OASIS "Web Services Notification Standards" (WS-N) the basic SES produces notifications and provides methods to subscribe for notifications and retrieve the latest notification. Users can also register new sensors dynamically at and send notifications to the service.


  • Source: OGC 11-088r1, OGC Event Service - Review and Current State:
This high level diagram shows the data flow of the SES architecture. A subscriber has to post a subscription with a URL to an existing Consumer to the SES. Notifications will be received at the defined Consumer Endpoint URL.


A page dedicated to detailed installation instructions can be found here.

Interface Specification

The outcomes of OWS-5 led to the idea of enhancing the SAS functionalities. Thus a new service interface was defined to coexist with the SAS. The interface specification can be found at Our current SES implementation is changed and extended at different points compared to this discussion paper.

HELP A detailed description of all methods of the SES interface can be found at SensorEventServiceInterface.

52°North SES

Active SES developers

  • Matthes Rieke

Former SES developers

  • Thomas Everding
  • Johannes Echterhoff
  • Jan Torben Heuer
  • Artur Osmanov
  • Eike Hinderk Jürrens
  • Klaus Drerup
  • Henning Bredel


Latest release

Former releases

Source Code

Source code is hosted at GitHub:

Additional software

All additional software is also released under the GNU GPL v2: gnu-gpl_v2.txt

  • SimpleWSNConsumer zip - tar.gz: Small listener that can be used as a consumer for the SES. It listens on "http://localhost:port" (GUI configurable port) and writes everything sent to this address in a text window. You can use its address as consumer reference in subscribe requests.
  • Small program that can receive SES notifications (only in O&M) and insert them into the SOS. See howto.txt in the docs folder. Delivered as java source code

Documentation and How Tos

Legacy Download Archive

Software and documents for previous snapshot releases of the SES ( < 1.0.0): How to get started, including JMeter request examples
PortListener.jar (source) Simple PortListener program (could act as a subscription consumer) Heartbeat simulator to monitor service stability.

Contributor Information

Detailed information about insights of the SES implementation can be found at SensorEventServiceDeveloperInformation.

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