Google Summer of Code at 52°North

Google Summer of Code, shorter but informally also called GSoC, is a program that offers student developers stipends to write code for open source projects. 52°North participates in the program as a mentoring organisation with project ideas from all communities to connect with prospective developers of our Open Source software from all over the world and to advance promising software products with new features.

GSoC Website:

Read more about GSoC and its goals.

52°North participation in GSoC


All projects conducted within the Google Summer of Code program:

Project Ideas

Even more important to keep - the lists of project ideas:

Information for Mentors, Students, 52°North community members, partner organisations, ...


Mailing list:, which is also available in a forum view:

Discussion of topics, contact to potential mentors > community mailing lists:

Chat: irc:// (What is IRC?)

Calendar: (contact the org admins to get write access)

The 52°North organization administrators ("org admins", see What is the role of an organization administrator?) for GSoC are Jan Schulte (main student contact; and Daniel Nüst (main mentor contact;, IRC: dnlnst, Skype: danielnuest). Please feel free to contact them with any questions and give them feedback on how the program works from your point of view.


Wherevery you go, please spread the word about Google Summer of Code and if you can please mention that 52°North is applying/was accepted as a mentoring organisation. To help you with that you can use the following materials:

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