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The 52°North IT-Team.


Goals and Basic Conditions

Goal: Develop a lightweight alternative to the OX-Framework that can be used within Android applications to access OGC Web Services.

  • This development should be available under Apache 2.0 license and be developed/tested by as many parties as possible.
  • The library should be developed in a GitHub repository maintained by 52°North (ideally).
  • The library must be made available in the 52°North public Maven repository.
  • The library should depend on as few external dependencies as possible:
    • use Android HTTP client and XML libs
    • no XMLBeans
    • ...
  • Test driven development and rolling releases ensure high quality of code.
  • Focus on 52°North SOS accpetable but tests should involve other service implementations.
  • A similar developer API as the OX-Framework should be provided (the simple one, not the full fledged compley one).
    • Adapter and factory pattern could be used, see for example a test-driven designed example for the SPS: adapter and test case

Base Material

Targeted Services

  1. SOS
    • Download data
    • Upload data
  2. SIR
    • Discover sensors
    • Comment on sensors
  3. SPS
    • Control sensors
  4. SES
    • Subscribe to rules
  5. ...


Potentially interested/related parties or projects:


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