wps-js is a Javascript library to build client application for OGC Web Processing Service (WPS) implementations.

wps-js is developed within the project GeoViQua.

Download and Contribute

Source code and developer documentation is available on GitHub: https://github.com/52North/wps-js

Feel free to leave feature requests and bug reports as GitHub issues (https://github.com/52North/wps-js/issues) and ask for help on the mailing list or forum (http://geoprocessing.forum.52north.org/).


See https://github.com/52North/wps-js/releases/


Live demo: hhttp://geoprocessing.demo.52north.org:8080/wps-js-0.1.1/


Execute a WPS process

  • Start by selecting a WPS from the topmost drop box:

  • Once you have done that, the available processes will be listed in the second drop box:

  • Selecting a process from the drop box will create a form depending on the inputs and outputs:
    • For complex input data an expandable textfield an a drop box containing available formats (schema/mime type/encoding) is created (see "Data" element below)
    • Also a checkbox will be created, with which you can specify whether the data will be submitted inline the request or as reference.
    • For literal input data a simple textfield is created. If there are allowed values specified for the input, a drop box containing these values will be created instead.
    • Mandatory input data will be marked with an asterisk
    • For complex output data also a format drop box is created and a checkbox to specify whether to request this specific output (WPS processes can have multiple outputs and you might not want to request all at once)

  • Here is an example of a form filled with real values, the complex input data will be send by reference:

  • Another example where the complex input data will be send inline:

  • After a click on execute, almost instantaneous a new element should occur, containing initial information about the process.
  • The information should be available fast as the WPS will be requested in an asynchronous fashion.
  • A click on the refresh button will show status updated in the process information element (if the process supports this):

  • After the process has finished successfully a download link will be shown:
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